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Carmel Rams Youth Football and Cheer

What to Expect as a Rams Football Player!

What to Expect as a Rams Football Player and Parent.

Season Opens August 14, 2024
Location: George Fisher Middle School
Times: 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Practice will be Monday through Friday from August 14, 2024 through Labor Day. Once school begins, practices will be Tuesday through Friday (not to exceed 8 hours).

8u may practice a minimum of 3 days a week, but may practice 4 days at the discretion of the head coach.

Each player must complete 10 hours of conditioning during the first week of practice before physical contact is permitted, as per USA Football and Taconic League Rules. 

CRYFAC supplies each player with a helmet, shoulder pads, (2) games jerseys, game pants and a practice jersey. We ask for a $250 deposit, which will be held and destroyed at the end of the season when all equipment and uniforms have been returned, cleaned and in good condition. Deposit checks are collected at equipment/uniform fitting in early June.

Parents are responsible for supplying a  mouthpiece, cleats, protective wear and practice pants.

The Rams are founding members of the Taconic Youth Football League, a member of  American Youth Football and Cheer, with member teams from all across the United States.  TYFL plays in the age based division. Players are expected to attend all games!
Boys are to arrive on time and in full uniform. Arrival times will be posted on the SportsYou app.
The game schedules will be announced at the end of August and will be posted on the SportsYou app. Most games will be played on Sundays, with occasional exceptions.  Scrimmages against other TYFL teams may begin in late August and run through Labor Day Weekend.


🏈 Please be prompt on dropping off and picking your child from practices.

🏈 Attendance will be taken at each practice, all practices are mandatory. You can't play if you don't practice! Football is unlike any other sport where every player has a job to do and all 11 have to be working together.  Each practice the players will learn concepts and plays specific to that weeks opponent. 

🏈 You will be responsible for supplying your son with a mouthpiece, cleats,  practice pants and protective wear. Players must have these items to participate at practice as well as at all games.

🏈 Be sure to send them with plenty of water.

Parents and football players must sign a Code of Conduct form. Football players are expected to be on their best behavior during practice and games. Respect is to be shown to all teammates, coaches and adults at all times and unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.  All of our players are expected to be student-athletes.  It is our top priority to have our athletes conduct themselves in a respectful and proper manner in and out of school. 

Please check for updated information.  Send inquiries on football issues to [email protected]. Please refer to the Code of Conduct/Grievance Procedure tab. 
All fundraising forms, spirit wear forms, etc. can be handed in to your team mom.  
If at any time any issues arise with your son, they may be brought to the attention of their head coach, first and then to the Director of Football.  

What to Expect as a Rams Cheerleader

What to expect as a


 Important Dates:

Please read carefully. All dates and venues are subject to change at any time.  Any changes will be announced as soon as possible.

Summer & School Practices:

Attendance is necessary for stunting and uniformity.

It is critical that your child attends practices in August, this is the time they learn their routines and are placed appropriately for various stunts. 

 Weekend-  Grades 3 and Up:   August 24th & 25th  Location Patterson Rec Center Times TBD

**Choreography Weekend is
 mandatory when joining the program.  Every Cheerleader MUST attend Choreography in order to be placed in the routine.  We can't have any registered Cheerleaders miss the Choreography dates!

UCA Camp Dates: 8/19-8/21 at Patterson Rec
Grades K-3 will be half day 
 Grades 4-8 will be all day (please pack a lunch)


Uniform Fitting:   Will take place in early June.


Summer Practice:  Starts Tuesday August 6th

Pre- K-  1 Day per week (1 hour) 5:30-6:30pm

Grades K-1 - 2 days per week (1 1/2 hours) 5:30pm - 7:00pm

Grades 3-5-3 days per week (2 hours) 5:30pm-7:30pm

Grades 6-8 - 3 days per week (2 1/2 hours) 6:00pm - 8:00pm 

Attendance will be taken and monitored.


School Practice:

Pre-K- 1 day per week (1 hour)

Grades K-1 - 2 days per week (1 1/2 hours per day)

Grades 3-5 - 3 days per week (2 hours per day)

Grades 6-8 - 3 days per week (2 hours per day)

All cheerleaders are required to roll up the mats.  Please allow an extra 15 minutes after practice ends to roll up the mats. 

During competition season practice may be extended or extra days added on. There are also times when a Saturday or Sunday practice may be needed to prepare.

Practice schedule to be determined based on indoor facility availability.

Location:  All outdoor practices will be at GFMS.  Indoor practices will be held at Patterson Rec with some indoor practices requiring use of other facilities, for choreography dates and some school practices Sept-Nov.

Always bring plenty of water.

All Cheerleaders MUST arrive at practice in a t-shirt/tank (no spaghetti straps) shorts/sweatpants and athletic sneakers.  We would prefer all to wear red/blue shorts and t-shirt or tank to any Indoor practices.  There will also be “practice wear” for sale. If wearing inappropriate clothing or you do not have sneakers on, they will not be allowed to practice.

All girls/boys will arrive on time.  If you need a ride, please call one of your teammates.

All cell phones must be turned off during practices and games. Calls and texts can be made only during breaks and/or with coach’s permission.


Pre-K Registration- $135 
Grades K-1- $195 
Grades 2-8- $375

Other Costs:

Uniform: For grades K and up we will be requiring a uniform purchase this season. There will be fundraising opportunities to help offset the cost of uniform purchase. Uniforms are yours to keep.  

Cheer Sneakers: Purchase on your own (for Pre-k and mascots we require any white sneaker)

Bow: $20 for competition bow





Conduct: Parents and Cheerleaders must sign the Code of Conduct.  Cheerleaders are expected to be on their best behavior during practices and games.  Parents may be asked to attend practices if needed. They must show respect to all coaches, demonstrators, teammates, cheerleaders, football players, officials and fans AT ALL TIMES.  Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated!

Use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs of any kind will NOT be tolerated and may result in immediate dismissal of the squad.

Games:  Cheering at football games is mandatory.  there may be some travel involved as well.  Cheerleaders must arrive in full uniform-top, skirt, briefs, socks, bows & sneakers. ALWAYS bring your warm ups and pom-poms. Any changes will be made as a group and together. 

Cheerleaders must arrive with their hair in a high & tight ponytail. Bow must be visible from the front and tails must face forward. All hair is to be pinned back (gel/pins, etc.) away from face. This includes short hair and bangs.

Cheerleaders MUST arrive on time.

Always bring a dry snack and water. Only clear liquids are allowed. Concession stand purchases will NOT be allowed due to time constraints.

No earrings. Earrings hold a safety concern due to stunting. This is for all practices and games. 

Hands are to be kept folded and behind back in between chants and cheers.

Each cheerleader should carry their bag to every game. Girls/boys should pack their warm ups and a water bottle (only clear liquids). If one girl does not have their warm ups and it is cold, that girl will sit out during that game.


Pre- K- will compete in two local competitions

Grades K-1 - will exhibit 3 times locally

Grades 2-3 - will exhibit/compete 3 times locally with the potential to attend regionals in New Jersey.

Grades 4-8 - will go to to 3 local competitions and the regional competition in November in Trenton, New Jersey (IF THEY QUALIFY)

The regional competition is our final competition and closes our season.

Taconic League Local Competition: Date, time and location TBD

Regional Competition: TBD

Participation in a regular season competition team is mandatory

Parent/Coach Communication: Parent to go directly to Team Parent after practice has ended. If Parent feels that they cannot speak to team parent they can contact coach to set up a meeting. If matter is not resolved, parent should speak to Cheer Director. No matters are to be discussed in the presence of any cheerleader or any peer.

Optional Fundraising will be done throughout the year to offset competition entry fees, indoor facility fees, clinics, choreography, etc. This includes change for cheer a one box per cheerleader Mandatory chocolate bar sale.



Flag Football Information

NFL Flag Boys and Girls Entering Grades K-2 fall 2024!

We are offering NFL Flag Football through our CRYFaC.  We had a great inaugural season in 2022!NFL FLAG is a natural entry point into the world of football, creating opportunities for your child to learn, engage and grow with the game, and learn important life skills that will help them in and out of school. We know the foundation of youth sports is more than just learning the fundamentals. It’s about being a part of team and, most importantly, having fun. CRYFaC's NFL FLAG league is designed to give boys and girls of all abilities a chance to learn, play—and have a blast doing it.

Starts on 9/8/24  and runs until 10/27/24. Sunday Mornings

The kids will begin at 9 am, and practice with their teams for 30 minutes.  A quick break and they will play a 60 minute game!

NFL FLAG Fee: $150.00

Includes a reversible NFL team jersey!



All of our Tackle Football Coaches are USA Football Certified, and have First Aid/CPR/AED Certification.

All of our Cheer Coaches are Certified and have First Aid/CPR/AED Certification.

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