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Uniform Care

Disinfect Equipment to Thwart Staph Infections

CRYFAC will clean and disinfect all equipment prior to each season but it is helpful if parents maintain and clean their issued equipment throughout the season. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 30% of the population carries Staphylococcus Aureus in their nose or on their skin. Mainly causing pimples and boils, these infections are transferred people to people through direct physical contact or via an object such as a helmet or uniform.

To help prevent the growth and spread of these and other close contact communicable germs it is imperative that equipment, including uniforms, be washed and disinfected often. Take equipment off immediately after practice or a game. Transport dirty equipment in a car trunk for long commutes. Once home, transport equipment to a dry place and clean as soon as it is practical.

Helmets – Wipe outside of helmet and mask with an anti bacterial wipe or warm soapy water.              The inside can be sprayed with Lysol

Shoulder pads – Most pads can be sprayed with Lysol. If pads become extremely muddy, simply hose them off and hang to dry.

Practice and game pants- Presoaking is essential for getting practice pants clean.  Remove as much mud and dirt as possible while presoaking, then can be machine washed separately by color in cold water because hot water can set stains in. Do NOT bleach.  Air dry. 

Cup and athletic supporter – Most jocks and cup systems can be thrown in the wash but read manufacturer’s care label.

Cleats- spray with Lysol, or toss in the wash if recommended by care labeling.

Practice and game jersey- Again presoaking is essential for removing stains and it is important that stains are removed as soon as possible then machine wash separately by color in cold water. Do NOT bleach then air dry.  Do not dry clean or iron.

Football is a tremendous opportunity for young athletes to grow and bond. By properly maintaining and cleaning sports equipment, parents can help their players avoid unnecessary injury or illness and enjoy a long and healthy season.

 Thank you in advance for helping to ensure the proper care for your child’s uniform and equipment.